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Protect Your PTIN This Tax Season

As we head into tax season, fraud is on everyone’s mind. The IRS wants you to know about another layer of security for your clients – monitoring your PTIN use. By using the Returns Filed Per PTIN tool on the IRS website, which is updated weekly, you can see what returns have been filed using your…Continue

What’s on Your 2017 To-Do List?

As the year gets going, what have you set for your personal and professional goals? Accounting Today lays out one goal per month for your 2017 calendar. Of course, the first three months of your year might not have much room for goal-setting, but after you cross the April 18th finish line, you…Continue

2017 Business Risks

Hopefully, 2017 will be a year of great prosperity for you and your business. What risks will businesses face in the coming year? CPA Practice Advisor’s managing editor Isaac O’Bannon reports on the findings of a new study examining these risks. “Recent global uncertainties and their potential…Continue

Your New Title: CPA Financial Planner

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) thinks you need a title upgrade. You know about the full range of services you offer, but some consumers still have a narrowly-defined concept of CPAs. They associate CPAs with April 15th, and aren’t aware of the myriad ways you could…Continue