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Combating User Anonymity

With the rise and popularity of social networks, it seems like virtually everyone is active on some type of social network, bearing their lives to entire networks of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and at times, the world. 

While in the past, many users chose to remain anonymous (as Meg Ryan…Continue

Worthwhile Lessons on LinkedIn Etiquette

Since even positive content can be harmful if you’re posting rudely, excessively or indiscriminately on LinkedIn, take the time to decide what is the most relevant and post with care.  

Are you being as professional as you think you are on LinkedIn?  It’s vital to keep in mind that it is…Continue

Breathe New Life into your Content Marketing Strategy

Successful content requires a carefully planned strategy with not only creation, but dissemination and measurement.
If you think that your content may be a bit flat, check out these 10 tell-tale signs to see if it needs a refresher:
1. Your traffic is light. Become part of your target…Continue

Bolster Your Blog Visits

In the world of B2B blogging, how do you generate more traffic?  This is an important question, as no visitors equals no readers, which translates to no leads. What’s the answer?  Begin by writing more posts, with relevant, strategically placed calls to action.

Be sure to place quality over…Continue

An Effective Publicity Pitch in Seven Easy Steps

With social media changing the landscape of communication and information availability, many people search out news stories via social media outlets, but turn to traditional news sources for authentication.      

Many reporters now use social media to skim social news feeds to find new…Continue

Utilizing Visual Social Media Content to Engage Consumers

It’s a fact, folks.  Consumers are much more likely to click or call when there is a photo present in the world of social media. 

The use of visual content has been on the rise in recent times, in part because of the immediacy with which people can share information on the go, as well as the…Continue