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AICPA’s New Cybersecurity Proposal

As we build greater protections against cyberattacks, criminals find ways to adapt. They adjust their strategies to stay ahead of the law and avoid detection. Cybercriminals are going after executives and their tactics can be very convincing. As your clients’ CPA and trusted advisor, you might be…Continue

Managing Young Talent: What Not to Say

As we’ve discussed in our blog, there is a tight market for the best young talent, and landing them is a challenge. Even after you’ve brought them on, they’re probably being recruited by other firms. The type of leadership that works for older generations might not be effective with them. Here…Continue

Guess What Profession is Most Profitable

At The Growth Partnership, we are fortunate that we have built lasting relationships with our clients. We enjoy getting to know them. We learn about their families (some of you are identical twins), their hobbies (at least one of you plays the tuba), and what motivates them.

When we ask our…Continue

‘Tis the Season: Politics and the Workplace

With just over a month until the election, political discussions are everywhere. It can be pretty exhausting! Social media, television, and even the water cooler. Sometimes it feels like there’s no escape. The office is a place where people share some level of detail about their personal lives.…Continue