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Have you ever considered the role your mindset plays in how you approach your leadership?  Mindset can be defined as the attitudes, beliefs and expectations you hold that act as the foundation of who you are, how you lead and the ways in which you interact with your team.

Your mindset:
• Determines how you think about and interpret situations
• Governs the decisions you make
• Directs the actions you take 
• Impacts the quality of your relationships
• Affects the interactions you have
• Moderates the way you lead
• Sets the tone for your organization
• Dictates the kind of experiences your people have in their work lives
• Has a big effect on your company's bottom line

Here are four important mindsets to have, in order to be the most effective leader you can be: 

Commitment – The foundation of leadership is a determined and unwavering commitment to lead, perform, and succeed. The amount of commitment that you bring to your role sends a powerful message of commitment to those with whom you work.

Accountability – What degree of accountability are willing to assume in your role in your company?  As an owner, you take the lead in all aspects of your company's (or your team's within the company) functioning and performance.

Performance – It is almost a cliché, but also a truism that great leaders must not only “talk the talk,” but also “walk the walk” when it comes to their job responsibilities.  If you want your team to perform at its highest level, you must first do so.

Vision – If you get so busy in the day-to-day machinations of corporate life, you forget to look ahead to see what might be coming up.  If you're not looking toward the horizon, the future will become the present without your being ready for it.

Take stock of your mindset and make the necessary tweaks to become the best leader you can be. 

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